21st May 2022 all-day

You what? – I hear you say.

people on a demonstrationFive fossil fuel firms are suing governments for over$18 billion for taking climate action. They’re using secret tribunals written into trade rules in many trade and investment deals. It’s a system known in the trade jargon as ISDS, and it is weighted heavily in favour of corporations. That’s why they are called them ‘corporate courts’. It is just one of the ways that many big corporations try and subvert the climate change agenda (lets not get into the impact on our democratic control!)

Global Justice Now have organised this Day of Action to throw more light onto this issue. They write

Could you organise something where you are? This could include:

  • A protest in the centre of town, or at a site relevant to corporate courts which you try to get the local press to report on.
  • A campaign stall to raise awareness and get people signing the petition.

In order to maximise involvement in the day itself, you could do some of the following in advance:

  • Making use of their  new booklet on a stall or at an event;
  • Holding a public webinar or meeting on corporate courts and climate;
  • Getting in touch with local climate groups and other allies;
  • Writing an article or letter for a local newspaper or blog (or the J&P Newsletter!).
More Info from Global Justice Now