Having been around for over 40 years means that we have worked on all sorts of issues, campaigns and projects – both local and international. As the world has changed our priorities have changed.

Some of the more recent priorities and groups supported by the Commission include:-

I love my planet motifAre we doing all that we should to take care of 'our common home'?
Climate Change
box for foodbank itemsWhy are so many people living in poverty in a rich country like the UK?
UK Poverty
the dove of peaceWhat are we doing to build a culture of Peace?
Peace & Nonviolence
inter-racial hands in a circleDo we treat all peoples with equal dignity?Racial Justice
refugees walkingFind out more and do more about the tragedy of migrations and displaced people.Refugee Crisis
The Separation Wall at BethlehemThe reality of the Holy Land is very different to typical pilgrimage adverts.
Israel Palestine

We do not have the capacity to provide lots of resources about the issues above. However, we have included our own resources for download and signpost you to other sites where you can find out more and get actively involved.