All donations go towards our activities on deepening awareness of social justice issues and inspiring people to take action. 

We spent around £11,000 last financial year. This is split between creating good communication channels within the diocese and organising events, exhibitions and developing resources. Our activities included:

  • Issuing a monthly newsletter sharing both what is happening in the diocese and reflections on key national & international issues.
  • Organising events with guest speakers, workshops and Days of Reflection
  • Continuing to develop our website to make it a more useful and accessible resource about social justice for everyone in the diocese
  • publishing various resources about Climate Change, peace and nonviolence and also publishing the texts of several talks

Could you help by:

  • Paying a regular amount to help the work of the Commission?
  • Making a one-off donation to the Commission?
  • Helping to fund a specific event or project?
  • Leaving the Commission a legacy by making a provision in your will.


A regular donation to the Commission is a fantastic way of helping as it gives us more confidence about the income we are going to receive.

Simply download the Standing Order Form, fill it out, sign it and post it back to us and we will take care of sending it to your bank.


Make a one off donation to the work of the Commission or to a specific project.

An online transfer is easiest but you can send us a cheque instead.

Click the button to download our banking details.


Legacies are a great way to ensure that work for Justice & Peace can continue into the future in the Leeds Diocese.

If you want to discuss this with someone then please email and the Chair or Treasurer will get in touch.

I N C R E A S E    T H E   V A L U E   O F   Y O U R   D O N A T I O N   B Y   2 5 %

If you are a taxpayer then you can increase the value of any donation by Gift Aiding it. It’s another form but it is very simple to fill out.  Simply return it to the J&P office when you have completed it.