Privacy Policy

Who we are

This is the privacy policy for the Justice & Peace Commission of the Leeds Diocese. As an integral part of the Leeds Diocese, the Justice & Peace Commission is subject to the overall Privacy Policy of the Diocese of Leeds.

This policy document expands on the contents of the Diocesan Privacy Policy to detail personal data that we collect, how we use it and who we share it with.

Data collected and stored by the Leeds Diocesan Justice & Peace Commission

The Leeds Diocesan Justice & Peace Commission collects personal data by consent through
• Sign-up sheets at events
• Through email exchanges and phone calls with individuals
The data that we collect about individuals consists of:-
Full name
Email address
Parish or organisation
Town or city of residence
From events we also compile a list of any events attended or for which an individual registered.

There are other circumstances in which we collect personal information. For instance, if someone contacts the Commission and asks for some written materials to be posted to them then the Commission will collect address information. We may also collect additional personal information in relation to specific events so as, for example, to facilitate car sharing to travel to the event venue. However, this information is not stored permanently. Once the request from the individual has been fulfilled or the event has taken place the information is destroyed or deleted.

What we do with the information we collect and store

We collect this data to provide our supporters and other interested parties with information on a regular basis via email.
We do this by storing the data on a web-based email marketing system called Mailchimp.
All the information detailed above is held on the Mailchimp system. The Leeds Diocesan Justice & Peace Commission is satisfied that Mailchimp security precautions comply with all Data Protection regulations, including GDPR. A backup of this information is regularly downloaded from Mailchimp and is stored on the secure Leeds Diocesan servers.

All paper documents containing personal information (for instance on signup sheets at an event) are processed as soon as possible and the details added to the Justice & Peace distribution list on Mailchimp. Personal data is not kept for longer than purposes required, and only authorised staff and volunteers are given a password to access the email distribution list on Mailchimp or the backup spreadsheet held on the Leeds Diocesan servers..

If a supporter wishes all or part of their personal details to be removed from the database, or for their details to be updated they can write to us, phone or email us and a strict procedure is then followed to ensure the correct data is deleted, changed or kept, depending on the wishes of the supporter. Every time the Commission sends an email using the Mailchimp system there is the option to unsubscribe from updates.

The Leeds Diocesan Justice & Peace Commission does not share any supporter personal data with any other organisation.

We use your details to contact you via electronic mail only because you have requested this. We will always give you the opportunity of unsubscribing from email communications that you have opted into.

From time to time, we will make changes to this statement to keep it up to date and relevant. Please make sure you check regularly to see what’s changed.

Sharing of Personal Data

The only reason that we share data with another organisation is for processing purposes – such as sending individuals emails using Mailchimp or enabling individuals to register for events using Eventbrite. No other data sharing takes place.