This conference was organised jointly by the Commission and the Leeds Pax Christi group.

We are grateful to the Christian Peace Education Fund which provided some financial support to the event. It was organised as part of the World Council of Churches\’ World Week for Peace in Israel and Palestine.

It followed the format of our conference earlier in the year about food poverty where there were a series of shortish presentations with liturgical elements integrated across the timespan of the conference. It was a great opportunity to find out more about the situation there and reflect on it. Whilst the situation will only improve materially through political actions, the conference also included time to think about the practical things that each of us can do to help the situation and put pressure on politicians across the world to implement a just solution.

Mary Lucas, from CAFOD, provided some historical background and spoke about CAFOD\’s work in the Occupied Territories (the West Bank) today.

Tricia Griffin from Leeds spoke about her time in Bethlehem as an \’Ecumenical Accompanier\’.

Deacon David Arblaster, from Harrogate, gave some food for thought about the theological context of the current situation with a wide-ranging review that included thoughts from a prominent Islamic scholar.

50 people attended the conference – and they must have enjoyed it as they nearly all stayed on to share some lunch in the cafe at the Oxford Place centre.