cover of liturgy bookletA new liturgy resource has been published by the Justice & Peace Commission in conjunction with the Leeds Pax Christi group. It has the title of ‘Remembrance is not enough’. Copies of this booklet have recently been sent to all parishes and to all high schools.

As Bishop Marcus puts it in his Foreword, “The necessity of remembering has not always sat well with a commitment to working for peace…” and he goes to say “ we all have a personal responsibility to make the Peace of Christ a reality in our world.”

It was these sentiments which led us to work with the Leeds Pax Christi group to produce this booklet to provide a glimpse of prayers and stories that help us to reflect not just on remembering the tragedy of all those killed in World War 1 but also to help us reflect on what it might mean to be a ‘peacemaker’ in our world today. The booklet provides a ‘taster’ of some of the resources that are available and signposts you to places where more detailed information can be obtained.

Copies of this booklet are available from the Justice & Peace office and are free of charge (though we would appreciate any donations you could make towards the costs of postage). Simply email your request to the office using the address above. The booklet is available as a PDF download – simply click on the cover image.

There is also a special service that will be held on November 10 and you can find more details here.