Give, act and pray to ensure people on the margins are fully involved as we journey together
Church Action On Poverty

“No one puts new wine into old wineskins.”
(Mark 2:21-22)
We live in tough times. The pandemic continues to highlight the inequalities that sweep too many people into poverty. But we have also been reminded of the values that matter most: mutuality, compassion and community. As we journey forward together, we have the chance to do things differently. If we are to build a society in which everyone can live a full life, free from poverty, we must ensure the voices of people who are struggling to make ends meet are heard.
CAP LogoJoin people around the UK in prayer, giving and action at this special online event for Church Action on Poverty Sunday, hosted by Church Action on Poverty North East and Sunderland Minster.
Share a vision for a society founded on compassion and justice, where all people are able to exercise dignity, agency and power.
We will share together in worship and prayer. People will share their stories of
poverty and speaking truth to power. We’ll hear from decision-makers in the North East about how we can all work together to loosen the grip of poverty. And you’ll learn how you can be part of the movement tackling poverty through giving, action and prayer.

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That’s torn it

A hymn by Andrew Pratt, Church Action on Poverty

That’s torn it, all we planned is ripped asunder,
the force of fermentation strains the seams;
society has witnessed skill and blunder,
a virus spins and tests our human schemes.
Blind faith has opened wide our eyes to chaos
where poverty, the consequence of greed,
has highlighted our wholly human pathos,
yet shut some hearts to other people’s need.
Some early Christians sat in isolation
while pondering the way that they should live,
this was no empty prayer-filled incantation,
but selfless loving, learning how to give.
Be clear that as we face this sharp decision,
the wineskins we are tending may well rend;
the things we have defended and have treasured
may tumble, shattered crumbling to their end.
Whatever greets us in the years’ unfolding,
we only know this crisis offers choice,
to stumble on, or use the grace we’re holding
to change the world, give reason to rejoice.