We are looking for new people to join the Leeds Diocese Justice & Peace Commission. Anyone living in the Leeds Diocese who is interested in changing the world could serve as a Commission member!

Our activity levels are starting to increase. However. we can only do more if we have more people helping to devise, organise and manage these activities.

What’s involved?

The minimum commitment is to attend the 4 Commission meetings a year. These are held roughly on a quarterly basis. Three of these meetings last about one and a half hours and take place during an evening via Zoom. One meeting per year is a long half-day in-person meeting to review our priorities and do some future planning.

Usually, but not always, Commission members are also directly involved inother Commission’s activities. This might be by being part of one of our action groups or helping manage a project (the main one at the moment being our SPARK Social Justice project, which is aimed at 18-30 year olds living in the Leeds Diocese). Some people provide expertise through, for example, updating our website or regularly contributing to our newsletter. Some people are part of other organisations and bring that perspective to the Commission meetings.

If you want fuller details about how we work then use the button to download the latest version of our handbook.

Download Commission Handbook

How do I apply?

If you are interested then use the button below to fill out our online application form – it’s just about who you are, what your social justice interests are, what skills you have and what skills or experiences you may hope to get by being part of the Commission.

Someone from the Commission will then get in contact and arrange to meet with you informally over a coffee. This allows us to explain in more detail what the Commission does and gives you the opportunity to make sure that it is what you want to do.

Online Application Form