Matthew (Matty) Maslen has been appointed to the Trustee Board of CAFOD. Matty has edited our monthly  newsletter since November 2021.

Matty has also been involved with our project for younger Catholics, SPARK Social Justice. He part-sponsored by SPARK Social Justice to attend the youth stream of the first two Conference of the Parties to the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

person with a placard
A soggy Matty on a Climate Change demonstration

When Bronagh Daly( now the Creativity Lead at Leeds Church Institute) was the CAFOD Community Participation Coordinator for the Leeds Diocese she recruited him as a CAFOD volunteer. As a student CAFOD gave him the opportunity to attend COP26 in Glasgow, where he attended university. He was a CAFOD volunteer for a number of years and also joined the Volunteer Reference Group at CAFOD. Christine Allen, Director of CAFOD, commented “We are so pleased to have you join the CAFOD board Matty. You will bring so much. Thank you for your dedication and commitment”.

Matty commented “Thank you to Bronagh Daly for starting me on this path, and for continuing to be an amazing friend and supporter over the past 5 years. As a CAFOD volunteer I’ve had incredible opportunities. CAFOD does incredible work around the world to tackle structures that cause the climate crisis, poverty, and conflict. I’m honoured and excited to begin this new role on the Board of Trustees.”

The Commission are agreed that Matty will be an asset to the CAFOD board and offer him our hearty congratulations.