At the end of September some people from the Leeds Diocese attended a workshop in Salford Cathedral centre about this. The idea behind it is that there is value in having a conversation across generations about Faith and Justice to see what different generations can learn from one another.
We were presented with a method of conversation reflecting on the call to justice and peace in relation to vocation, life choices and commitments. We also explored how older people could accompany young people and young adults more effectively in this area (always remembering that in church circles anyone under 40 is ‘young’)
The method used in the workshop was very effective and did enable some interesting conversations to take place. It wasn’t about formulating any kind of action plan or coming up with a set of recommendations to pass onto others. The emphasis was very much about listening to the perspectives of different generations.

As the process worked so well the Commission agreed at its last meeting that we should hold some similar conversations in our own Diocese.
Initially we are working with people to arrange meetings based at Leeds Trinity University, the University of Bradford and Leeds Cathedral.

The meetings will last for 2hours and we will try to ensure that there is an even mix of generations at each meeting. We will publish dates and times once arrangements are in place – but if you are interested in coming along to one of these sessions then please email us and we will make sure you know about the arrangements as soon as they are finalised.