\"prayerWe are living in a time of great political turmoil. Many of us feel paralysed by uncertainty as to what to do next: how do we adequately respond to what is happening? Very rarely do we hear concerns raised about making sure that, whatever happens with regard to Brexit, the needs of the poorest in our society are a priority for our decision-makers.

Our aim is to encourage intercession for help from the Holy Spirit, similar to the proposal made by Dietrich Bonhoeffer during World War II. This will work by people praying individually but at the same time each day – knowing that others will also be praying. The Carmelite sisters at Wood Hall have agreed that they will join in with this. So, we suggest taking five minutes out to pray at either 12:00 noon or at 6pm – whichever suits you best.

We ask you to pray in whatever way feels the most appropriate for you. However, we would be delighted to know and hear from people

  • that you are joining in this prayer network
  • which ways of praying or prayers you find most appropriate at present when life is disturbing for so many, especially those on low income and those whose ‘status’ is not clear.

Please regard the Taize prayer here as a \’starter for ten\’.

Could you promote this prayer network in your community? Then please down load a flyer that can be displayed on notice boards.

Download Flyer