Our project working with people aged 16-30 is starting to take off. Earlier spark project logothis week over 100 students at St Mary’s High School in Menston took part in workshops exploring UK poverty through drama.

Aoibheann Kelly, the talented theatre professional who is leading this work commented ”Drama can help young people to make sense of the world they live in and explore ways in which to make a difference. It can also bring people closer together and offer opportunities to have challenging conversations, problem-solve, find out what they have in common and develop a deeper understanding of someone elese’s lived experience or point of view. Theatre of the oppressed, in particular, has its roots in exploring issues of injustice and can actas a catalyst to discuss ways people can can change or improve a situation for the greater good. I led sessions with 5 different groups of students. Some young people even came back again to take part in other sessions which was a good sign. Some wanted to start a new social justice action group straight away!”

Workshops have also taken place at Leeds Trinity University and in the New Year they are planned in for Notre Dame College in Leeds and St John Fisher High School in Harrogate

If you are interested, there may still be the opportunity to join in with this project. For more details please email