This piece is a celebration of Fr Paul Hypher. Fr Paul, a priest from East Anglia who now resides in the Diocese of Leeds, who is celebrating 60 years of ministry.

As part of his celebrations, Fr Paul has set up a Celebration Fund which you can find by using this link:
what donations are used forAll the money that he raises will be going towards CAFOD’s World Food Crisis Appeal. Millions of families are facing a food crisis that could be worse than any we’ve lived through. As many as 811 million people around the world are facing extreme hunger. In Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan, up to 20 million people are fighting for their very survival. They are facing terrifying drought and rocketing food prices. Schools are closed, and the threat of extreme hunger is forcing people to spend their life savings or leave their homes.
Fr Paul is aiming to collect £6, 000 for the World Food Crisis Appeal.

The picture below is from CAFOD’s website, it shows what donations can buy:
donation purchase examples
By using his celebration of 60 years of priestly ministry to raise money for CAFOD’s World Food Crisis Appeal, Fr Paul is helping the teams of local volunteers and experts we work with in Ethiopia, in East Africa and around the world, to help people to live through the worst of this devastating food crisis.

Local CAFOD representative, Bronagh said “We were delighted to receive the news about Fr Paul’s kind gesture to support CAFOD as part of his 60th celebration. We hope Father Paul will enjoy his retirement and make new connections with the CAFOD supporters and helpers who live in the Bentham area. Father Paul’s act of solidarity with some of the world’s poorest people is an inspiration to many.”
We wish Fr Paul the very best in his retirement and hope his 60th celebration is a lovely day for all.

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