Ever feel like doing a bake sale or a sponsored run is a bit old hat? Well, no need to despair! Tim Devereaux’s recent beard protest has lifted the vale on whacky ways to raise money for charity!
Since March 2020, Tim Devereux has been growing his beard in protest against PM Johnson.

He pledged to keep it growing until Johnson resigned, and he asked people to support this by giving funds to the Trussell Trust for foodbanks, via JustGiving. By the start of July 2022, Tim’s beard was looking deeply impressive!

When Boris Johnson announced his resignation earlier this month, Tim visited his local barber’s shop, to have the beard removed.

So far, the beard protest has raised £756 for Trussell Trust foodbanks.
Tim commented: “I am overwhelmed by the response to my fund-raiser – my £200 target has been smashed. I don’t know whether people really don’t like ex-PM Johnson, or whether they just hate beards. Either way, I am hoping the donations will continue!”
So, thanks Tim for showing us that fundraising ideas can be as outside the box as we like!

tim before starting fundraising tim's beard prior to cutting

Donations to ‘Tim’s Beard Trimming’ can be made at


Email: tim@devrx.org
Twitter: @tim_for_peace