logoAre you passionate about wanting to eradicate poverty and caring for the Earth, but also well-organised? You could be the person we are looking for.  We need someone to provide support to the Commission on a self-employed basis for the things that we do. It will work out at about 5 hrs per week at £20 per hour.

What we need doing

Many of the things that we need doing can be done from anywhere at a time of your choosing. The hours will vary quite significantly over the course of the year. The activities are very diverse. Many of them are currently done on a voluntary basis. We are not expecting someone to do all of them! – just enough to give us more flexibility in the things that you are unable to do.

  • EMAIL MANAGEMENT –ensuring that the main jandp email address is regularly monitored and that emails are passed onto appropriate Commission or action group members and that other queries are dealt with by yourself
  • EVENTS -assisting in the organisation of events. Depending on your experience this could be helping with the logistics on the day, setting up Eventbrite pages, developing marketing materials and sending out Mailchimp emails, other event admin.
  • GOVERNANCE – Servicing the meetings of the Commission, Executive, and our action groups on priority issues – ensuring key points and actions are documented and followed up. Sounds straightforward but Commission discussions are sometimes a bit convoluted! – So you need good skills at summarising key points from a discussion as well as making clear any actions agreed.
  • DIGITAL SERVICES Constructing attractive emails using an email marketing package (Mailchimp), constructing Eventbrite pages for events, scheduling social media posts, uploading content to the J&P website.

How to apply

Applications will be accepted by email only.

Your submission must contain: –

  1. Full contact details, name, address, phone and email address – and the date when you would be available to start providing services
  2. A heading for each bullet point given above along with evidence of your skills and experience in relation to each point. Just put ‘none’ if you have no experience of doing that.

Email your submission to Joe Burns:

The Closing date for submissions is midnight Friday 01 July 2022

Where we wish to take a submission further then we will arrange a time to meet either in-person at the J&P Office at Hinsley Hall in Headingley or via Zoom.